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Andy Bechtolsheim born on this day in 1955 – Sun Microsystems and Google #history

Excerpt from The PC Pioneers The first 3M computer – one megapixel display, one megabyte of memory and a speed of one million instructions per second – was developed by… Read more »

Apple LaserWriter prototypes supplied in 1984 to Aldus, Adobe #history

Excerpts from The PC Pioneers It was when Apple LaserWriter, Adobe Postscript and Aldus PageMaker were combined, desktop publishing became the killer application that saved the Macintosh – and Apple;… Read more »

Data by TV launched on this day in 1974 – Ceefax #history

Extract from The PC Pioneers It did not take long for computing and television to be espoused.  These two high-value family purchases were initially located remotely; the television was the… Read more »

Sega Master System, launched in 1986 – and Sonic the Hedgehog #history

Extract from The PC Pioneers Just when you might have thought that PCs would take over the games business by exercising one of many software attributes, the console makers upped… Read more »

The remarkable queen of the Basques – Jeanne of Navarre #history

Extract from 1492 and all that! Henry II of Navarre married very well, to Marguerite of Angoulême the sister of King Francis I of France. Their daughter Jeanne d’Albret was… Read more »

Steve Jobs left Apple on this day in 1985

Excerpt from The PC Pioneers Steve Jobs, while still with Apple, helped create the Apple University Consortium which offered faculty members, students and their institutions to acquire Apple equipment at… Read more »

On this day in 1958 the first IC #history

Excerpt from The PC Pioneers Kilby had pursued a different route to others connecting the capacitors, transistors and resistors with fine gold wiring that he called ‘flying wires’.  He had… Read more »

Charles Simonyi – born on this day in 1948 #history

Excerpt from the PC Pioneers Charles Simonyi would produce an early WP, Bravo and then moved Microsoft into applications, but what of his origins? Charles Simonyi, was born in Budapest,… Read more »

A German Lorenz message was re-sent today in 1942 – enabling Bletchley to decode it! #history

Excerpt from The PC Pioneers The task of designing the first of these systems for the Germans had been given to the Lorenz Company that came up with the SZ… Read more »

Linus Torvalds announced Linux this day in 1991

Excerpt from The PC Pioneers Linus Torvalds, a 21-year old second-year computer science student, wrote a new UNIX kernel using the available GNU tools and issued his software under the… Read more »

Sergey Brin, Google, born on this day in 1973

Excerpt from The PC Pioneers Sergey Brin was born in Russia but moved to the USA where he attended a Montessori school (as did Page). His father was a professor… Read more »

Gordon C Bell born this day in 1906 #history #computing

Excerpt from The PC Pioneers Gordon Bell was recruited from MIT’s Speech Computation Laboratory to design the input/output for the PDP-1. In 1972 Bell described his ‘Law of Computer Classes’…. Read more »


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