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Woz up! #history

On this day in 1977 deliveries began of the Apple II – to great acclaim. Extract from The PC Pioneers Steve Wozniak was solely responsible for the functional design of… Read more »

Significance of Genres #writing

One of my early surprises as a writer was when publishers and agents require you to squeeze your work into a genre. I took this the wrong way, hadn’t I… Read more »

Nintendo’s Super Mario World launched on this day in 1991 #history #games

Excerpt from The PC Pioneers Games consoles are only as good as the games they can play. The top ten sellers of all time in the early days of game… Read more »

Steve Wozniak – early days to Cream Soda Computer #history

Excerpt from The PC Pioneers On this day in 1950, Steve Wozniak was born. With an IQ of 200, Wozniak was inspired and well-versed in electronics at an early age… Read more »

Go figure – #history

Extract from The PC Pioneers The use of numbers is said to distinguish mankind from other animals; but natural scientists do suggest that birds can actually discern numbers. Birds recognise… Read more »

Writing advice

These quotes feature in The PC Pioneers but could easily be applied to writing and authors: No great discovery was ever made without a bold guess.Isaac Newton Research is what… Read more »

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