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Golden Girls #history

A man’s world in the 15th and 16th centuries? – that would be to ignore two very remarkable women from that era! Queen Isabella of Castile and Aragon (1451 –… Read more »

Charles II of Spain – inbreeding victim

Incest is clearly not best!  And this is not just because George S Kaufman said, ‘The trouble with incest is that it gets you involved with relatives.’  Intriguingly Charles Darwin… Read more »

Gifts for Christmas? Pack #2

Still pondering that last gift for someone for Christmas, and prefer non-fiction? If you know someone wanting to become the next hi-tech billionaire then here’s some essential reading: The PC… Read more »

The creator of the original package tour holidays! #history #Spain

Extract from 1492 and all that! Vladimir Gavrilovich Raitz was born in Moscow, the child of a Jewish medical family. His mother took him to Germany to join her parents… Read more »

From ninth child of a carter to Regent of Spain #history

Extract from 1492 and all that! Baldomero Espartero was born in 1793 in Ciudad Real, Spain, he was the ninth child of a carter. His parents wanted him to go… Read more »

Second edition – 1492 and all that! #history

Have just republished a second edition of 1492 and all that! correcting a few things and adding new stuff like the abdication of King Juan Carlos’s and the Spanish football… Read more »

Going to Spain/Portugal – #history

Off to the Iberian peninsula for a break? Or moving there? Do you have just vague concepts of the history of Spain and Portugal? Want to know more? Are your… Read more »

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