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Energy source or water supply? #thriller

The world’s population exceeds seven billion people – 40% of this total depends upon the water that flows down the major rivers from the Himalayas for their agriculture, for industry,… Read more »

Water – a real and present danger!

I’m no rabid environmentalist, have no green agenda, but in researching Still Water I knew there was a world water crisis but I had not realised quite how serious it… Read more »

Blogs – Books

 Back to Site Map   –  My Writing  –  Back to Home Page BOOKS Subject First posted Book title Water – a real and present danger 03-Aug Still Water Tapas #history… Read more »

Have you in my sights… #thriller

I have you in my sights for 2015 January seems to last forever! What you need is a good thriller to warm up those dark chilly nights – with dark… Read more »

Gifts for Christmas?

If you are pondering that last gift for someone for Christmas: – want something thrilling? that takes you to exotic locations around the world? involves every type of crime you… Read more »

Time Out! #writing

It may come as some relief to many – but my daily posts will be taking a break! – just starting a three-year degree course in History and need to… Read more »

Doorman rules – KO? #thriller

Excerpt from Gene Genie At this door Bruno was God. His was the only law that mattered. He was the final arbiter of fashion. He was judge and jury, there… Read more »

The Brotherhood controls the still water… #thriller

Excerpt from Still Water Anatoly Goncharenko, known simply to all those present as ‘the General’, looked around the carefully assembled group then switched off the video of the Arctic site… Read more »

Assault on the Congo River #thriller

Excerpt from Still Water The Congo River rises in the East African Rift, taking water in part from Lake Tanganyika. Then, after pooling the resources of a number of tributaries,… Read more »

Bangkok, the calm before the storm #thriller

Extract from the forthcoming Route of Evil – to be released 15th September Desai took the guards with him down to the riverside terrace to have a much-needed quiet lunch, he… Read more »

Bonobos bred to be humanzees #thriller

Extract from Gene Genie ‘Yes. After a bit of delving I was able to establish that one of Davenport’s more secret DoD undertakings is the development of a ‘humanzee’.’ Sir… Read more »

Christ’s DNA missing? #thriller

Extract from Gene Genie ‘Could someone have stolen Jesus Christ’s DNA? Lucy Challoner is in Canada to investigate. Lucy!’ ‘A laboratory in Canada that was briefly at the centre of… Read more »


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