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Renaming colonial cities – and Nay Pyi Taw #thriller

Excerpt from Route of Evil En route to their first appointment Anoushka looked out from the window of their small coach at Burma’s relatively newly appointed capital city, Nay Pyi… Read more »

Assault on the Congo River #thriller

Excerpt from Still Water The Congo River rises in the East African Rift, taking water in part from Lake Tanganyika. Then, after pooling the resources of a number of tributaries,… Read more »

Creating Bollywood magic #thriller

Extract from the forthcoming Route of Evil – being released 15th September It felt very odd, to hear the noise of the troupe’s feet pounding on the floor, the audible gasps… Read more »

Route of Evil as a paperback #thriller

I am delighted to advise that a paperback version of Route of Evil is available now – several weeks before the eBook will be released. So if you can’t wait… Read more »

Route of Evil – available now!

Route of Evil is to be released on 15th September 2014 – but you can get it now! You can pre-order it from all twelve international Amazon/Kindle sites, here are… Read more »

Monaco, tunnel vision of death #thriller

Excerpt from the forthcoming ‘Route of Evil’ thriller – to be released 15th September Now Jack van Buuren was back among the glitz and glamour, the constellation of celebs, the… Read more »

Two great promo eBook offers for you! #thriller #history

I am seeking to use new promotional ideas in preparation for the launch of my new thriller –  Route of Evil – so here goes! The new book is being… Read more »

Christ’s DNA missing? #thriller

Extract from Gene Genie ‘Could someone have stolen Jesus Christ’s DNA? Lucy Challoner is in Canada to investigate. Lucy!’ ‘A laboratory in Canada that was briefly at the centre of… Read more »

1.4 billion people lack a safe water supply #thriller

Still Water is a fictional thriller but it deals in some very real issues! By now everyone has heard about carbon footprints, but it is our ‘water footprint’ that is… Read more »

Route of Evil – coming next month! #thriller

Route of Evil – is to be released on 15th September Pursued by organ traders in Thailand, a Vietnamese girl is rescued by an American stranger who, seeing an opportunity… Read more »

The hippocampus – opportunities for genetic meddling? #thriller

Excerpt from Gene Genie ‘…our procedure is heavily focused on the hippocampus.’ ‘I know that’s in our brain, doesn’t hippo means horse?’ ‘Yes, the hippocampus is part of the forebrain,… Read more »

Is revenge sweet? #thriller

Discussing themes from the new Bob Denton thriller Route of Evil – to be released in September 2014 My upcoming thriller follows a $100 bill as it circumnavigates the globe… Read more »


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