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Energy source or water supply? #thriller

The world’s population exceeds seven billion people – 40% of this total depends upon the water that flows down the major rivers from the Himalayas for their agriculture, for industry,… Read more »

Things that you’re liable… #thriller

Just what is the gospel truth? The gospel according to Mark was the first to be written – in Rome.  The gospels of Matthew and Luke drew on material from… Read more »

Significance of Genres #writing

One of my early surprises as a writer was when publishers and agents require you to squeeze your work into a genre. I took this the wrong way, hadn’t I… Read more »

Sun City drubbing #thriller

Excerpt from Route of Evil Theo needed to win some cash so he would not be obliged to take the very next job that came along. At the blackjack table… Read more »

Kidnap in São Paulo #thriller

Excerpt from Route of Evil The lobby was a shared one that used a reception service set off to one side of the doors. It provided comfortable chairs for those… Read more »

Caught in the act – by a drone! #thriller

Excerpt from Route of Evil More than 3,000 miles away in an old airport hangar in Lincolnshire in the UK a pilot of a drone scrambled his superiors to join… Read more »

Doorman rules – KO? #thriller

Excerpt from Gene Genie At this door Bruno was God. His was the only law that mattered. He was the final arbiter of fashion. He was judge and jury, there… Read more »

The Brotherhood controls the still water… #thriller

Excerpt from Still Water Anatoly Goncharenko, known simply to all those present as ‘the General’, looked around the carefully assembled group then switched off the video of the Arctic site… Read more »

Assault on the Congo River #thriller

Excerpt from Still Water The Congo River rises in the East African Rift, taking water in part from Lake Tanganyika. Then, after pooling the resources of a number of tributaries,… Read more »

Bangkok, the calm before the storm #thriller

Extract from the forthcoming Route of Evil – to be released 15th September Desai took the guards with him down to the riverside terrace to have a much-needed quiet lunch, he… Read more »

Bonobos bred to be humanzees #thriller

Extract from Gene Genie ‘Yes. After a bit of delving I was able to establish that one of Davenport’s more secret DoD undertakings is the development of a ‘humanzee’.’ Sir… Read more »

Monaco, tunnel vision of death #thriller

Excerpt from the forthcoming ‘Route of Evil’ thriller – to be released 15th September Now Jack van Buuren was back among the glitz and glamour, the constellation of celebs, the… Read more »


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