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Christ’s DNA missing? #thriller

Extract from Gene Genie ‘Could someone have stolen Jesus Christ’s DNA? Lucy Challoner is in Canada to investigate. Lucy!’ ‘A laboratory in Canada that was briefly at the centre of… Read more »

1.4 billion people lack a safe water supply #thriller

Still Water is a fictional thriller but it deals in some very real issues! By now everyone has heard about carbon footprints, but it is our ‘water footprint’ that is… Read more »

Religious sect opinion forming

Excerpt from Gene Genie Samuel Shepherd said ‘Welcome to our first meeting. We call this our ‘Genesis’ event. But in that title we are not referring directly to the Old… Read more »

Reconstructing coral reefs

Excerpt from ‘Still Water’ Tom Carter was shattered yet still had this deep-down warm feeling. He realised it was an all-pervading sense of deep contentment, real satisfaction derived directly from… Read more »

The hippocampus – opportunities for genetic meddling? #thriller

Excerpt from Gene Genie ‘…our procedure is heavily focused on the hippocampus.’ ‘I know that’s in our brain, doesn’t hippo means horse?’ ‘Yes, the hippocampus is part of the forebrain,… Read more »

Buddha’s shoulder #thriller

Excerpt from Gene Genie Doi Suthep rose almost 1,700 metres above the nearby city of Chiang Mai and it had taken an hour from the hotel to follow the road… Read more »

Deadly water course #thriller

Excerpt from Still Water – Tom Carter series “Lev and two of his team had travelled to Kazakhstan in a very slow, extremely uncomfortable, small cargo charter from Moscow’s Domodedovo… Read more »

Giant Tortoise islands #thriller

The Galápagos Islands is a collection of volcanic islands that sit astride the equator in the eastern Pacific ocean off the shores of Ecuador – which owns it. There are… Read more »

Gene Research and Ethics – #thriller

The field of genetics has routinely pressed hard against our ethical boundaries, prompting many questions. We probably all agree that if a family has a propensity for a particular genetic… Read more »

See new site…

New writing blog site! – just a short and sweet post today – do take time to look at The site has been completely updated to become the blog… Read more »


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