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dna-cad7 Tom Carter, the celebrity life scientist, is back to battle with an aggressive religious cult.Tom while striving to complete his latest book on archaeo-astronomy, finds his research of these dead peoples and their ancient beliefs is suddenly made larger than life by the new religious order.

Tom learns that Stevie Tasker, who helped him defeat the Brotherhood in ‘Still Water’, has been drawn right to the very centre of the cult. A disturbing childhood experience haunted Stevie for many years and this draws her to the Order hoping she can find some answers.

Ethics Samuel Shepherd, their Patriarch, preaches a confusing cocktail of beliefs woven around the prophesies of the books of Daniel and Revelations and some ancient truths he has discovered. Marsha Davenport is a brilliant geneticist, a wunderkind who could have succeeded in whichever field she chose to pursue. She sits at Shepherd’s right hand, mixing genetic cocktails to hasten his prophecies.

Tom’s challenge is to establish quite what is going on as the threats seem to emerge from all directions. From Bolivia through Carthage, Morocco, Thailand, France and Wyoming Guy pursues the Order to a denouement at the cradle of Mankind.



ForeignOffice It is Professor Groves, advisor to the UKs Foreign Secretary, and a confirmed atheist, who researches the Order’s creed;
Sect Samuel Shepherd is the figurehead who challenges his acolytes basic beliefs and inserts his own philosophies and prophecies into their susceptible minds;
genetics lab Dr Marsha Davenport his geneticist follower, rails against over-population and is the one giving direction to the Order;
sanfrancisco It is Raquelle, from the San Francisco CSI team, who examines the ethical framework that the sect is flaunting.


AMAZON – ISBN 978 0 9569643 1 1  ASIN B0051I4ZBQ

SMASHWORDS – ISBN 978 1 3108 5615 0

CREATE SPACE – 978-0-9569643-6-6


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