Gene Genie – challenge

Samuel Shepherd systematically breaks down his followers’ belief so that he can inject his own prophecies:

‘Who among us here believes a single word of what we read in today’s newspapers?  I have certainly never seen an article about me or our new religious order that is without error.

So then what is it that makes us believe that the Bible, published so haphazardly and so long ago, could be any more accurate?

Today’s factual errors are published despite our current powerful libel laws and our country’s litigious nature; the very weaponry that I might choose to apply to remedy the misreporting of our Order.’

More background:

It is Professor Groves, advisor to the UKs Foreign Secretary, and a confirmed atheist, who researches the Order’s creed;

Dr Marsha Davenport his geneticist follower, rails against over-population, is the one giving direction to the Order;

It is Raquelle, from the San Francisco CSI team, who examines the ethical framework that the sect is flaunting.

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