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The Professor quizzed them further and then reached a conclusion. ‘To me this all sounds like Raëlism, a religion founded back in the 1970s. Raël had been a French motor-sport driver and journalist and I think he’d been a singer before that, so he was not the most likely of religious innovators. Nonetheless he has inspired around 80,000 followers across ninety countries. This Raël fellow also maintained that extraterrestrials had engineered all life on earth. He suggested that he had met with them and changed his name to Raël when he was appointed as their messenger; his ETs were called “Elohim”.’

…‘The Raëlian beliefs focus quite a lot on cloning and on something they call mind transfers. Did these play any role at Perpetua?’

…‘They do not believe in any supernatural creation just an extraterrestrial interference; and they don’t talk much of souls just this mind transfer business. They encourage healthy eating, no tobacco, no coffee, moderation with alcohol, no recreational drugs. They seem to have had a female priesthood largely drawn from the sex industry.’

More Background:

Samuel Shepherd is the figurehead who challenges his acolytes basic beliefs and inserts his own philosophies and prophecies into their susceptible minds;

Dr Marsha Davenport his geneticist follower, rails against over-population, is the one giving direction to the Order;

It is Raquelle, from the San Francisco CSI team, who examines the ethical framework that the sect is flaunting.


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