Gene Genie – population

Marsha reveals some of what drives her:

‘Hope is not nearly enough.  How can great people be heard above the clamour and demands made by this huge over-population?

‘A huge population that’s in a steep decline, based upon any measure of intelligence or of physical capability that you might like to apply.  We allow too many teenage births; the mothers are only half-formed themselves.

‘Now we have selfish women wanting to have children into their late 50s and 60s; they just don’t have the energy for bringing up the child properly, seeing it through.  Then there are those of all ages who are stupid, they smoke and drink during pregnancy no matter what harm they are told that this does to the child.

‘Even where nature has already concluded a woman should not become a mother, what do we do?  We give them IVF treatment, so they can beat the rap.  It doesn’t matter what mental problems, disease or disability a woman has, her right to be a mother is currently allowed to take absolute precedence over any objections.’

More background:

It is Professor Groves, advisor to the UKs Foreign Secretary, and a confirmed atheist, who researches the Order’s creed;

Samuel Shepherd is the figurehead who challenges his acolytes basic beliefs and inserts his own philosophies and prophecies into their susceptible minds;

It is Raquelle, from the San Francisco CSI team, who examines the ethical framework that the sect is flaunting.________________________________________________

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