Still Water


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  When a Russian Mafiya-led group gets control of a new form of water, the world’s water supply – and mankind – must face its greatest challenge!

Water is strange enough naturally, as it can occur as ice, water or steam. But there is nothing natural about this new ‘still water’ that destroys any life it touches! Where does it come from? Is it from climate change melting the Arctic ice, from Russian pollution and nuclear waste, or has it crashed here to Earth from elsewhere?


The Brotherhood reaches right into the Russian military, scientific and political corridors of power to use this new water to settle old scores, to eliminate rivals, to extort the powerhouse economies of India and China that have supplanted Russia’s resurgent superpower status.

In a truly global conflict they launch attacks at Kazakhstan, from the banks of the Congo, high above Kurdistan, along the Danube, beside the Mekong and at the ex-Soviet Arctic nuclear test-site islands.

The battle is joined to control this still water, to stop the extortion and to ensure the deadly stuff does not enter the water cycle!



ForeignOffice It is Professor Groves, advisor to the UKs new Foreign Secretary, who punctuates the action by setting out the issues with some clarity
Moscow General Goncharenko, a retired KGB man, explains how the still water can be applied as a weapon
MI5 Sir Joseph Maudlin, head of the UK Secret Service, admires the potential too
Cambridge But it is the Professor who best highlights the crisis that this still water will accelerate.


AMAZON – ISBN 978-0-9569643-0-4   ASIN B0051GQK7U

SMASHWORDS – ISBN 978-1-3117631-7-4

CREATE SPACE – 978-0-9569643-5-9


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