Still Water – the issues

It is Professor Groves, advisor to the UKs new Foreign Secretary, who punctuates the action by setting out the issues with some clarity:

‘Water abounds on our Earth, it wouldn’t be the Earth without water. We humans are around two-thirds water, up here in our brains we’re nearer 85% water, so it cannot be more vital to us. It maintains our temperature, it helps us breathe and digest food and lubricates our moving parts.’ He paused and raised a glass, ‘We can live without shelter for as long as we like, we can go for perhaps a month without food,’ he took a deep gulp of the water, ‘but we would last only three to five days without water.’

‘…Global warming and the Kyoto thing prompted lots of column-inches on our carbon footprints, but no-one is talking about water footprints? We all have them. Carbon footprints are a measure of wasted energy and pollution, but it’s your water footprint that will creep up behind you and kill you!’

‘…You see that small cup of coffee each of you is drinking, well, in growing the beans for that, some 140 litres of water were expended, and even that single sheet of A4 paper, that Sir Joseph has been doodling upon, used up 10 litres of water in terms of the tree’s growth and the manufacture. And just as another example, Admiral, your smart pair of leather shoes swallowed up 8,000 litres of water.’’

‘…Worse, it takes sixteen times the water to produce a kilo of meat, than it does for a kilo of wheat. Just imagine if all those Asian vegetarians espoused our western red-meat culture.’

‘…the USA uses 2,500 cubic metres of water, per year, per head of population. That compares with, for example, China at just 700. Given the huge populations of China and India and their current rate of growth, just what would happen if all of their populations demanded the same water consumption as an American?’

More background:

General Goncharenko, a retired KGB man, explains how the still water can be applied as a weapon:

Sir Joseph Maudlin, head of the UK Secret Service, admires the potential too:

But it is the Professor who best highlights the crisis that this still water will accelerate:


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