Still water – the threat

General Goncharenko, a retired KGB man, explains how the still water can be applied as a weapon:

‘The glaciers from this area [The Tibetan Plateau] create seven major rivers including the Yangtze, the Mekong, the Indus and the Brahmaputra. They all start out from here and go on to supply almost half of the world’s population with their water needs. Just ponder that for a moment, if you can. This remote outpost of mankind controls the water supplies for billions of people, their agriculture, their industry, their health.’

‘…Then today, along comes our still water, and with it we can catapult one or both of these proud nations back into the Stone Age! Now just ponder that for a few minutes. Just what do you think they might be prepared to pay? We’re not just talking of money, what other sorts of deals might they do to avoid that possibility?’

More background:

It is Professor Groves, advisor to the UKs new Foreign Secretary, who punctuates the action by setting out the issues with some clarity:

Sir Joseph Maudlin, head of the UK Secret Service, admires the potential too;

But it is the Professor who best highlights the crisis that this still water will accelerate.


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